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About Strack

For more than 75 years, Strack, Inc. has pursued excellence in all its forms, from the quality of our projects to the opportunities we give our people. We’ve pushed ourselves to continually raise the bar of success in every area of our business, for one simple reason—we love this industry. Our vision as a company is to continue growing it for generations to come.

Today, Strack is made up of more than 600 dedicated men and women united by their passion for delivering quality infrastructure and helping others grow their careers.

You don’t need years of experience in the construction industry to find great opportunities at Strack. In fact, you can join our team without any knowledge of civil construction and what it involves and STILL succeed in building a great career at Strack.

That’s because we train skills, but we hire people first and foremost. Our first question isn’t what you know, it’s are you willing to learn. If you’re eager to grow and help others do the same, then there’s a great chance you’ll fit right in.

Employee Benefits

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ResponsibilitiesOf The Job

The primary function of the Off-Road Truck Operator is to transport and dump construction material on the job. Operators are also expected to assist in the general operation of each job site. Operators report to the jobsite Superintendent.

What You'll DoOn The Job

  • Responsible for safe operation of off-road dump truck
  • Haul materials from location to location within a construction site as well as load and unload materials
  • Safely operate equipment and obey OSHA safety guidelines
  • Must be accustomed to working outdoors with exposure to all weather conditions
  • Must be able to perform physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials
  • Must demonstrate attention to details
  • Previous experience is a plus

Requirements For the Job

  • Align with our Company core values of Better Everyday; Everyone Matters; Humble Hearts/Open Hands; and Mindful in Everything
  • Must be willing and able to travel out of town and/or out of state to work on job sites
  • Must have good work ethics: be on time, work hard and be willing to learn
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be able to pay a high degree of attention to safety and promote a safe work environment
  • High level of character
  • Effective communication skills across all departments
  • Possesses keen observation skills; pays attention to and remembers work related instructions, demonstrations, and procedures
  • Ability to prioritize tasks

Safety: The Foundation of All Training

When we say “Safety First,” we mean it literally—safety training is the starting point of every Strack employee’s experience at our company. Because without a solid foundation of how to work safely, any additional training a person receives will be incomplete.

  • Week-one training: Newly hired Strack employees receive a full week of training focused on safety, performance standards, and personal development as a foundation for future learning.
  • Job-specific learning: At any time in your career, regardless of your current position, we will help you gain the required qualifications for a higher ranked and better paying position.
  • Skills assessment: We assess employee skills and knowledge, and develop plans for personal and TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) growth.
  • Promotion eligibility: Promotions empower you to advance your career based on your qualifications, performance, and demonstration of Strack’s company values.

Our Values

Every member of our team at Strack, from those beginning their careers to those who’ve been with us for decades, lives by our common values.

Better Every Day

Mindful in Everything

Humble Hearts, Open Hands

Everyone Matters